We use our smokery for products in the shop and regular markets but we will also do contract smoking if you need it.

Since opening in 2003 the smokery has gone from strength to strength.

Hot Smoked Salmon from our smokery

Hot Smoked Salmon from our smokery

We can smoke all manner of items – not just fish!

As well as trout from the farm and salmon, haddock and trout we can – and do – smoke everything from bacon and other meats to garlic, cheese and even quail’s eggs.

Our reputation for quality means we supply many local restaurants with food from our smokery, especially our hot smoked salmon.

Contract smoking

We are happy to do contract smoking at our smokery. Contact us for details.

One of our most successful contract smoking partnerships is with the Shropshire Cheese Company. We smoke their creamy Abertanat Cheese with delicious results. You can buy Smoked Abertanat in our farm shop and also via this website.

The smoking process

We only use traditional methods to ensure the best results and the real taste of properly smoked foods, rather than the artificial smoked flavours used in processed foods.

With this method the brining and preparation is as important as the smoking process, adding different seasonings.

Smokery at Chirk Trout Farm

Smokery at Chirk Trout Farm

Then the food is placed in our smokebox over a fire fed by a blend of mainly oak chips (from up the valley in Glyn Ceiriog) for the best flavour.

The warm, smoky air gently dries and preserves the food. This can take 24 to 48 hours and is where the skill and experience comes in as conditions outside – wind, temperature or sunshine – have to be taken into account.

Hot and cold smoking

In cold smoking, which is mainly used for fish, the temperature in the smokebox never goes above 30 centigrade as the fish is gently smoked.

Our hot smoked products are normally cold smoked overnight then we remove the fire lid and cook them.

All the products are available to buy on this site, at our farm shop, at farmers’ markets and outlets we supply. And don’t forget many local pubs and restaurants also serve our products.